Dakota Ridge Group has painted over 15,000 exterior units in the last 30 years! The Property Management Companies whom we conduct business with look to us when they need a property completed on time and on schedule AND without any conflicts. 

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Exterior Painting

We believe preparation is the single most important task in a successful project.

The preparation crew begins by power washing all the dirt and contaminants off and away from the property. Scrpe and wire brush all loose paint and prime those areas. Caulk as needed.

We then identify any components that require replacement such as trim or siding before proceeding.

Remove peeling paint, prime, and caulk as needed.


Paint is then applied by airless spray or brush and roll or a combination of both depending on the surface and how much product we are attempting to apply.

All trim is performed by brush and roll.

We use proven paint products from our experience in this climate for every type of surface to be refinished.  Proper application and coverage are standard procedure for a uniform appearance.


Clean up is an hourly ongoing task every day because a clean work area is a safe work area.